Congratulations to the 2022 winners!

We’re please to announce this year’s winners! We hope you’ll join us to celebrate them at a reception on November 29 at 6pm. Their winning works will be uploaded onto this website soon, and we will also reveal who our judges were this year.

The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award: Jim Mentink for “The Seminar”
Fiction Honorable Mention: Lorelei Greenwood-Jones for “Candy House”
Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award: David Sloan for “Solo”
Poetry Honorable Mention: Cynthia Larson for “Perhaps to Dream”
Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award: Nancy Browne for “Ricky Rivers”
Nonfiction Honorable Mention: John Reinhart for “Traveling by Platypus”
The Crowbait Short Play Award: Greg Simpson for “3 Hail Mary’s”
Short Play Honorable Mention: Fred Cheney for “Danced to the Fiddle”
TPL Teen Fiction Award: Charlotte Schatz for “To Lend a Hand”
TPL Kids Poetry Award: Luisa Feliciano for “Crow”