2023 Winners and Honorable Mentions!

Here’s a quick list of our winners and honorable mentions (and a graphic you are all free to share!) We will be updating the rest of the site shortly!

The Verdi L. Tripp Fiction Award: Juliana Delany for “Trespass Point”
Fiction Honorable Mention: Betty Culley for “Widow Maker”
Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award: Ann VanVolkenburgh Chang for “After”
Poetry Honorable Mention: Cora Kircher for “Ark”
Richard F. Snow Nonfiction Award: Jean Konzal for “Searching for Jenny”
Nonfiction Honorable Mention: Fred Cheney for “Brit”
Nonfiction Honorable Mention: Bonnie Wheeler for “Grandpa’s Porch”
The Crowbait Short Play Award: Josh Gauthier for “Last Call”
Short Play Honorable Mention: Brian Daly for “I’m Leaving My Body to Science”